Empowering Excellence

Players need your help for tours, training, nutrition, fitness and gear

Uplifting Welfare

Destitue children require welfare, healthcare and the ambition to excel in life.

With your support, we can provide and fulfil the needs and ambitions of needy children.

Sahabhaag successfully manages the Lokmanya Cup

Samvidhan Cup renders Gold to 2 players of Sahabhaag

Shershaah Cup final match draws excitement

Sports Inquilab Project

A monthly contribution plan to provide support for deserving players.

Join Sahabhaag.com’s monthly contribution program and make a lasting impact on our players’ lives! Your consistent support ensures that players receive essential resources, including top-notch training, advanced equipment, and wellness programs. This steady stream of funding allows us to plan long-term, providing stability and continuous improvement for our athletes. By contributing monthly, you become a vital part of their journey, helping them achieve their full potential and excel in their sports careers. Together, we can create champions and foster a thriving sports community! 

  1. Consistent Support: Provides players with essential resources like training and equipment.
  2. Long-term Planning: Ensures stability and continuous improvement for athletes.
  3. Wellness Programs: Funds wellness initiatives to keep players in top condition.
  4. Achieve Full Potential: Helps players excel in their sports careers.
  5. Community Building: Fosters a thriving sports community.

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