Sahabhaag Welfare Foundation 


Sahabhaag Welfare Foundation is a section 8 (no profit) company
Certified to be eligible to receive CSR funds
In action for more than 7 years (with the inception of India Khelega and Sports Inquilab Project / SIP)

Empowering underprivileged children and youth by nurturing talent in sports, arts and science.
The aim is to provide professional quality training and platform to the deserving and underprivileged children and youth. So they do not become welfare-addicts. (Improving their opportunity for employability and to live a healthy lifestyle)
Healthcare and Health Education of the underprivileged sections of society
Sahabhaag conducts blood testing and health educational camps for such sections of society from time to time
Promotion of Olympic sports
Sahabhaag trains promising young table tennis players.
It pays for the development of high quality sports infrastructure and the monthly rent of the training premises.
Deserving players are deprived of team selection and the national team is also deprived of talented players.
Helping deserving players to participate in many international tournaments so that they can achieve a good national and world rank- which is necessary for their future selection in India’s team.
Ensuring provision of experienced trainers including international trainers for the benefit of young players

Destitute Children of Saswad
Effort: Trained a group of destitute children (from a children’s shelter near Saswad) for 5 years from 2017 to 2022
Outcome: Two children (one boy and one girl) from this group were officially ranked as ‘Pune number 1’ in the under 11 years
Tribal Boys of the Madia Tribe from Gadchiroli
Effort: Paid for the stay (in Pune), food, healthcare and table tennis training of two tribal boys belonging to the Madia tribe of Gadchiroli district for 3 years.
Outcome: Both these boys completed their graduation (B.A.), became skilled trainers in table tennis and went back to work Vidarbha region
The Orphaned Boy
Effort: Supported an orphaned boy since 2017.
Outcome: He has passed 12’th standard examination and has become an accomplished table tennis trainer

Conduct training
Specially abled (‘Divyang’) athletes who aspire to represent India at the Paralympics.
children at ‘Apla Ghar’ orphanage at Donje and ‘Janaseva’ orphanage near Katraj Ghat regularly since 2022.
30 children from Janata Vasahat slum totally free of cost
Conduct tournaments
To encourage people’s participation in Olympic sports
Conduct blood testing and health education camps
Weekly camps
For underprivileged sections of the society
For economically challenged migrant students.

Poymantee Ghosh
She became India’s Women’s Table Tennis Champion in December 2023. Belonging to a middle class family and cannot afford to participate in many international tournaments. So, she was not selected in India’s Women’s teams for many important tournaments including the World Championship at Busan, South Korea in February 2024. India’s team is deprived of India’s National Champion.
Anirban Ghosh
(details required)
– bio/profile + photo
– accomplishments so far
– planned journey (showcase the specific needs of the candidate)
– funds required
Riana Bhuta
14 year old (details required)
– bio/profile + photo
– accomplishments so far
– planned journey (showcase the specific needs of the candidate)
– funds required
(details required)
– bio/profile + photo
– accomplishments so far
– planned journey (showcase the specific needs of the candidate)
– funds required


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